My early identity as an artist involved a strong connection with two dimensional formats; with my primary medium being painting.  While honing my technical skills as a painter 

and defining my ability to see artistically, I was drawn to the idea of mixed media.  I discovered I possessed a strong affinity for three dimensional work, specifically clay and 

found materials and metals. As I’ve experienced and gone through life, I took my art on this journey.  My current work, the memory vessels I create, marry many aspects of my 

artistic endeavors.  My painting is often a back drop as a starting point for the three dimensional high fired clay I use to hand build them, also combining my love of found 

objects and metal.  I have been greatly influenced by my grandmother, who first shared 

with me the simplicity and beauty of life and nature through the ‘bleeding heart’ flowers 

in her yard. Later in my life, I was also greatly influenced by a homeless woman in 

Albuquerque who, by transforming unlikely cast off objects into beautiful works of art . In 

addition to creating the bleeding heart vessels, each piece is a functional vessel in 

which thoughts, memories and experiences can be housed.

Recently, I have travelled to Detroit and have had the opportunity to photograph the 

interiors of abandoned buildings. Using the technique of flash photography, I 

photographed peeling walls, rusted metal and an array of neglect and destruction. 

Within these images a link has been created between my experiences as a painter, my 

love of found objects, texture and the beauty in atypical places.  I have always attempted 

to create art that brings the viewer into a previously known world where nature, cast off 

objects, and even destruction is perceived in a unique and beautiful way.

Diane Feldpausch Tang



2014                    Pilchuck School Of Glass, Washington  (artist in residency)

2014                    Art Impact Project  - Board Member and Teacher (assisting teens through art  who are in a                                    drug recovery program

 2010 to Present   Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Saratoga, WY -  Board Member

2014                    Corning Museum, Corning, NY 

2012                    The Harvest School for Glass, Sister Bay,  WI 

2012                     Popelka Trenchard Glass, Sturgeon Bay,  WI

2011                      Melanie Parke, Leelanau,  MI   

2005 - 2011          Diane Rath,  Stirling Hall,  Lake Forest, IL

2003-2011            Katie Biederbost,  Stirling Hall,   Lake Forest,  IL

1995 - 2000         Chris Plumber,  Barat College,  Lake Forest,  IL  

1997                      Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkos, Anderson Ranch,  CO

1991 - 1993           Anna Koh Varilla, Chicago, IL

1987                      B.F.A. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

1984                      Center for Creative Studies,  Detroit,  MI

1983                      Wayne State University, Detroit,  MI



2013                     Urban Edge,  WAM Show, Waukegan, IL

2013                     Harvest Gallery,  Door County, WI

2012                     Urban Edge,  Three Women Show, Waukegan,   IL

2011                      Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga,   WY

2010                     Deer Path Art Gallery,  "Two Women One Show,"  Lake Forest,   IL

2009                    Seed Gallery, Elk Rapids,  MI

2009                    Stiriling Hall Gallery,  Lake Forest,  IL

2007                    The Garden at Elawa Farm, Lake Forest,  IL





Artist Impact Project