Although my early identity as an artist involved a strong connection with two dimensional formats, primarily painting, as I further developed as an artist I discovered I had an affinity for three dimensional work utilizing glass, clay, metals and found materials.

My current work integrates many aspects of my artistic journey.   This work includes stoneware healing/memory vessels,  glass fused/photography, gauche painting, blow molded glass hearts and repurposed glass female figurative bas-reliefs.

The memory/healing vessels I create are reminiscent of the bleeding heart flowers in my grandmother’s yard.   This remarkable woman taught me the simplicity and loveliness of life and nature by creating beauty from scraps of fabric, left overs from the butcher,  or a fading garden.   The vessels are made of high fire stoneware, glazes and unlikely cast off objects, later becoming functional vessels in which thoughts, memories and experiences can be housed.  

My blow molded glass hearts represent the frailty of our human hearts, the challenges we face in life and our time on this earth.  By integrating the delicate glass and unique found objects, tension is created and allows the viewer to recall their own stories.  

Born in Detroit, I periodically visit, recalling fond memories of my childhood/teen years, and intrigued by the  present surreal quality of a once vital and thriving city.  I have enlisted the opportunity to explore and photograph interiors of these abandoned buildings.  Photographing peeling walls, rusting metal and an array of neglect and destruction.  Within these images a link has been created between my experiences as a painter, my love of objects, texture and the beauty in atypical places.  I have always attempted to create art that brings the viewer into a previously known world where nature, cast off objects, and even destruction is perceived in an astounding and beautiful way.

Photography/fused glass ... photographs of abandoned buildings and with the use of fused glass I create interpretive works.

Bas-relief figurative series "Body by Fisher"  This series is sculpted bas-relief female figures with scavenged turquoise factory window glass from the first Fisher Body Assembly Plant in Detroit.  The Architect Albert Kahn when designing this plant used this extraordinarily beautiful colored glass to create a cool and calming atmosphere for the  assembly workers to increase production.